Zirconium Nitride Powder ZrN cas 25658-42-8

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Features of Zirconium Nitride ZrN Powder:
Metal nitride powders are a product group with good corrosion-resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity. The nitride powders are used for electrical conducting and hard materials.
Properties of Zirconium Nitride ZrN Powder:
Light Brown solid powder, granular for irregular smooth... 
High chemical stability 
High corrosion resistance 
Good surface smoothness and ductility 
Melting point: 2980 
Density(g/ cm3): 7.09 

Zirconium Nitride Powder
Mark Particle Size(μm) Chemical Composition(%)
N T.C Fe O
ZrN-01 1.0~2.0 ≧9.0 ≦3.0 ≦0.1 ≦2.0

Applications of Zirconium Nitride ZrN Powder
1) Hard metal insert tooling 
2) Hard metal 
3) HigHard h temperature ceramic conductive materials 
4) Heat-resisting wear-resisting material
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