Hafnium nitride powder HfN cas 25817-87-2

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Product Application of Hafnium nitride HfN powder

Hafnium Nitride is powder, cubic structure, melting point 3310 ℃, it is quite stable, but easily by aqua regia, concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid corrosion. Reaction generated directly by the hafnium and nitrogen at 900 ℃, it is the important part of refractory compounds hafnium alloy.


Brand Chemical Composition %
Hf +N N O C Fe S
HfN 99.5 5-7  0.1 0.02 0.15 0.01
Size -200 mesh, -325 mesh, -400 mesh, or on-demand processing

Main Advantage of Hafnium nitride HfN powder

hard alloy or diamond tool, metal-ceramic, high temperature resistance alloy additive.

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